Luxury Tents Under £400

The tents on this page are not the high end of the luxury scale due to their price. They are however quality camping essentials, that are great value for money and definitely preferable to some of the poorly designed and put together tents that you see in some catalogues and websites.

Even at these prices we've only included tents that for example have a sewn in groundsheet, and good weather protection. If it is your first time camping and you are just dipping your toes in the water these are a good choice, because you will always be able to sell them on if you want to upgrade as they are tents with a good manufacturer's reputation.

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Choosing A Site


When choosing a camp site one thing to consider is what facilities they have on offer, as they can vary widely, ranging for sites with swimming pools with indoor flumes, to ones offering a portaloo at he end of the field as a bathroom facility. It all depends on what you want from a site, how long you are going to stay and whether or not you are taking children with you.

If you are taking children then the more facilities the better, unless you are of a mind to educate your child to the wonders of nature, and forgo the luxuries of an onsite bar and games room and the dreaded television. Most have a shop onsite, or at least one nearby. The important thing is to make a list of what you need, then take it from there.


There are campsite directories all over the internet, some of them with the bare facts, others with reviews. If you are a 'review' reader, make sure you read all available reviews, not just the one at the top of the page with the 5 stars! Reviews are always a matter of opinion, so whilst taking note, always treat with a pinch of salt.

Camping forums are a good source of information, as are local forums, where inhabitants of small areas are often only too willing to point you in the right direction. It is also handy to do a bit of research on the area first via someone such as wikipedia, or a tourist information site to find out if the local area has enough attractions to keep you and you family or friends busy. Also check out local eateries as it's nice to treat yourself, remember you are on holiday.

Contact The Owner

The owner of the campsite should be able to tell you everything you need to know and it is the quickest way to either add or strike the campsite off your list of potentials. Also, the tone of the owner's voice is always a bit of a giveaway, as you will usually be able to tell from the way they talk whether they actually care about whether their visitors have an enjoyable experience at their site.

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