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There are currently only two tents in this section, but at these reduced prices they are great value family tents with loads of space and built to last. Click on the images to see the actual sizes and tent features - you won't be disappointed.

Where To Pitch A Tent


Give the ground a check over for stones and the like, push a peg in to see how much 'give' the ground has. Sometimes you may find that the whole site has stony ground, but it's always good to check. Have a look for any signs of moles as well, as they can be a bit of a pest, and in the middle of the night they can sound pretty big to a scared child.


The shade of a tree can provide daytime protection from the sun, but be warned, if you are expecting stormy weather branches do come off in storms, and the noise of the branches swaying can sound quite unearthly (not good for kids with over-active imaginations - or adults for that matter). However, if you've got guaranteed sunshine forecast a bit of shade is a good idea.


Avoid camping near bins, as these attract nocturnal animals which cam make a hell of a racket in the early hours. Other noisy pests can have two legs, so if you see a whole bunch of people in a row of camper vans pitch your tent somewhere else. Even if you might enjoy a campfire sing song it's good to retreat to your own tent a safe distance away from all the drunken yahooing. If you see anyone dressed as Batman that's a sign that a stag party is in the area, so again, best to camp away if you want a peaceful night's sleep.


These can be 'animal or vegetable'. In the animal list we have ants, particularly the red ones, wasps, midges and more. If your tent is near stagnant water you may get midges, or worse, mosquitoes. Check the area around you for tell tale signs, including animal tracks.

If you are camping in the tropics the list of nasties is endless, but in particular, if you are under a tree make sure it isn't a roosting spot for bats (they pee in their sleep!) - this also goes for birds roosting if you are camping in cooler climates. Regarding flora, nettles can be a bit of a pain, especially if you are one of those campers who doesn't mind peeing behind your tent in the early hours - can be painful! Mind you, nettles do makes great soup - be sure to take a recipe with you.

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