Luxury 6 Man Tents

Pitching A Tent

All tent pitching situations are different, but some of the notes below whilst quite basic, are nevertheless factors that are often ignored or forgotten. The list is not exhaustive and we've just covered the basics, but if you think that there is something that we are missing out on then please let us know.

Read The Instructions

I have ben guilty of this so many times with a new tent, ignoring the instructions and just getting on with the job, thinking I don't need them. The short version of the story is yes, I have always figured it out, but no, I didn't put the tent up as quickly as I could have if I had read them. The problem is, and I'm not sure if this is a 'male gender' issue, but I am a bit of a smart Alec and see problem solving like this as a bit of a challenge that must be risen to. The problem is that while I'm taking ages trying to prove how smart I am ( to myself as know-one else really cares), my partner is looking after the kids when she could be relaxing. The instructions for pitching a tent are usually sewn in to the tent's carry bag, if you buy a tent and you can't find the instructions get in touch with the manufacturer if you are not confident that you can do without them.

Get Help

Again, as above, don't think you can do it all on your own, get some help. Ask a friend, and if you've gone ahead to put up the tent and the rest are following ask a stranger. Campsites are generally full with helpful and understanding people. They also seem to have a transient population of 'know it alls', but don't let that put you off, as long as they can help. It's also a good way to meet people, if they are camping and so are you then you've got something in common. I've met many long term friends through camping.

Occupy the kids

If it's you and your partner putting up a large tent, think of smoothening for the kids to do, and if they are old enough get them to help. They may mess about, but if you give them some encouragement they may feel a sense of achievement having contributed to the 'grand pitch'.


Unless there is a storm on the horizon, or nightfall is approaching rapidly pitching a tent is a fun, problem solving experience, so relax into it.


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