Luxury 4 Man Tents

Choosing A Tent

Choosing a tent can be tricky, depending on whether you are buying one because someone has invited you camping for the weekend and you'll probably never go again, or, you are choosing one because you've been camping, fell in love with it, and want to but something luxurious that will last for a few years.

Whatever the reason, there are two things that should be considered. Firstly is a sewn or zipped in groundsheet, because even if you are just camping that one time, you don't want to spend the weekend covered in insect bites, and soaked because it's raining. All the tents on this site cover this. Secondly, you need a tent that will keep the rain, again, all advertised here do the job. Other than that, there are a few tips below on some of the things to consider.


Size is important, and generally the larger the better is the rule if you want to feel both inside and outside your tent. Ironically, some of the six man tents are smaller than the 4 man tents, and vice versa, so check out the actual floor sizes - just because it is advertised as a six man don't take it for granted that it will be a comfortable tent for six adults or even two and 4 children. Some of the high quality larger tents can be a lot heavier, but that is the price you have to pay, and it is generally worth it. Campsites are mainly full of helpful people, so if you think your tent is too heavy to drag across a field ask for some help.


The layout of a tent can be important in many ways. Would you prefer to be right next to your children/friends, separated by a wafer thin divider, or at the other end of the tent? For couples taking very young children with them it may be a good thing to be able to hear the baby breathing, and make the trip that much more relaxing. If you are going with friends you may want a bit more space between you. Also to be considered is a porch area, which can be very handy for cooking out of the wind, yet not in the centre of the tent.

Longevity vs Cost

If you are a serious camper you amy want to simply get the best, and that will cost. If we draw on driving analogies, do you buy the perfect car, or get something mid-range, and change it in a couple of years? Well, tent technology is not Nassau level, so if you do buy a top of the range tent it is hardly likely to be severely superseded in say 5 years, and even if the does happen, if you are a regular camper, you've already had your money's worth.

If you are just going to fro example a wedding somewhere, and decide that you'll buy a massive tent to share with friends, and will stay on for a few days after and discover the area, then maybe a large, but cheaper tent is the option. Even if you spend a few hundred quid, split the cost and without hotel bills everyone is laughing.

If you do love camping, get the best, it may be expensive, but put it into perspective - even if you spend £700 on a tent, if it lasts, you'll be getting more than your money's worth.


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