Luxury Tents UK - About Us

Hello from Luxury Tent UK guy. I hope when reading this page we are out of the 'under development stage' and fully up and running, if not, apologies, but creating a website about even something as apparently simple as tents and camping is a time consuming process, and I only do it in my spare time, so, please bare with me.

I have ben camping on and off for over 25 years, and it is the best thing I can possibly think of doing in my spare or holiday time. Holidays abroad are great, but as a seasoned traveller, I have come to realise that the grass is very green right here in the UK (although sometimes the food is defintely better elsewhere).

I have put this website together through a love of camping, and a recent interest in the internet and website development. If you buy a tent throough this website I will be paid a small commision, but, that is paid by the vendor, not you, as they use my site as a form of advertising, and bearing inmind they dont pay me if I don't sell any tents this is a good system.

I have personally fell over the years foul of some of the 'bad tents' that are out there on the market. Things have changed greatly since I first started camping, I think the only tents available back in the day were 'A' frame tents, which although sturdy are not always the best choice. With camping like everything else it's horses for courses.

The aim of this website is through my research to easily bring you the best tents on the net so that you don't have to trawl through endless camping equipment sites and to be honest, their franky over complicated menus and off-puttingly busy screens. I hope that I have acheived this, or am at least somewhere near to doing so.

I hope that you hope that you like the site, and if you think you have any suggestions that may augment the site and make it more user friendly, or source more approriate products please tell me, constructive criticism is always appreciated.