Vango Artemis 600

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Vango Artemis 600

Tent Features

  • 2000mm hydrostatic head
  • Power Plus steel poles
  • Lightweight
  • Fully sewn-in groundsheet
  • Fly sheet first pitch

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Vango Artemis 600

Weighing in at a mere 19.05kg, the Vango Artemis 600, this tent is part of what Vango refer to as their 'Weekender range', which means in simple terms that although a quality tent, the 'luxury' element of it quickly disappears if you are stuck in a tent for more than a rainy weekend with six adults. Having said that, for a small family or a couple who want to get away for a few weekends a year, without having to drag a shed load of camping gear with them this may be just the ticket, and at this reduced price it's a bargain.

You will get cheaper tents of the same size, but, they probably won't have a fully sewn-in polyethylene (10,000mm HH protection) groundsheet, and it probably won't have the stability of Power Plus steel poles. The headroom is very good for a tent of this price, and if there are not too many of you, the reasonable living space and crystal clear windows will make a rainy day almost fun.

You can purchase optional poles for propping up the front door as a porch which will give the tent a lot more space for cooking and eating, and there are plenty of other onboard features that make this tent a good buy for a small family or a couple. In short, if you are new to camping or just fancy a 'weekend tent' then you could a lot worse than this one, and it won't break the bank.

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