Outwell Hartford L

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Outwell Hartford L 2011

Tent Features

  • Light weight
  • 3000mm hydrostatic head
  • Easy set-up
  • Triple-room
  • Fully sewn-in groundsheet

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Outwell Hartford L

The Outwell Hartford L is one of 'Camp Gary's two choices' for a couple of reasons, one being the layout allowing for a bit more privacy provided by the berths being set either side of the living area which is a rarity for tents in this price range. The second is the price, which even before reduction gives you a great value tent, and thirdly, it has a light weight Duratec frame system so you don't need to bring the Hulk with you if you have to carry it over a bit of land for that perfect camping spot.

Downside? Firstly, this tent is not designed for severe weather conditions, as the Duratec dome system will not withstand as much wind as a tubular framed tent, but unless you are heading up the Eiger that shouldn't be a problem. The fly sheet is not polycotton, so it is not as cool on hot summer days as other Outwell Hartford Ls, but, then again if you are not pitching up in Timbuktu for the month of June that shouldn't be a problem either.

The Hartford L's entrance is big enough for a small cooking area, leaving the central living space free for other activities and there is decent headroom inside, as well as deceptively large bedroom units. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to protection form the elements (including fully sewn in ground sheet), and as well as a good window system it comes with the standard Outwell features that make this tent a great purchase for anyone wanting their trips away to be outdoors, but, a bit more luxurious. A great choice for the price.

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