Vango Orchy 400

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Vango Orchy 400

Tent Features

  • 2010 Orchy 400
  • 3000mm hydrostatic head
  • 'Crystal Clear' windows
  • Fully sewn-in groundsheet
  • Breathable polyester inner

Vango Orchy 400

A new Orchy 400 for 2010, the Vango Orchy 400 is a relatively cheap, and lightweight 4 man tent, and it is probably a the best choice for festival weekends. Although not the best choice for an ascent of Everest, it does have a few good features and overall is good value for money.

It has good protection from the elements including a Protex 3000 durable polyester fly sheet, taped seams and a storm skirt system. For summer months its fully sewn-in groundsheet will keep the creepy crawlies out, and as a feature, its value cannot be underestimated, as there is noting worse than waking up to insect bites and being kept awake by 'buzzing and crawling' throughout the night. For summer months it also has breathable inners, as well as a good ventilation system.

If it is raining and you have to spend some time indoors, it won't be unpleasant, as you can enjoy the view through it's 'crystal clear' windows, and play a few games of cards in it's relatively generous living space. It is constructed of flame retardant materials throughout, so if you have to boil up a kettle or a small meal indoors that's another 'worry' that you don't have to be overly concerned about.

It is an 'easy pitch' tent with colour coded poles to make it that much quicker, and at 11kg in weight carrying it from your car should not be a problem at all. This is a good 'weekender' tent for people who like to make the most of their summer weekends, and don't want to worry too much about storage space, weight, or spending time putting up a complex tent. Not for Everest, but good value, good protection from the elements, and a reasonable amount of living space. Bargain