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What Is A Luxury Tent?

Our definition of a luxury tent is not exactly definitive, and who would we be to make such a claim anyway? Our definition roughly falls into the broad category of a tent that makes the owner feel that they have a camping item that they would not want to part with due to its excellence. It should look good, be functional, and durable. It may not necessarily have all the camping frills available, or a 'chandelier hook' but it must at least met several of our criteria to earn the accolade of luxury tent.

Does it need to be expensive? - absolutely not, but obviously, most of them are, and in camping like the rest of life, you generally get what you pay for. And besides, 'expensive' is another one of those relative terms. We feature many truly excellent tents that whilst expensive compared with what you can get from your local big brand superstore, they are often a lot less than what many people would be prepared to spend on a Television. Whilst many people would argue that a television gets more use, we would argue that luxury tents that get full use are far more life enhancing than a Television set.

We have seen several tents advertised as luxury that we would definitely not describe as being such, so, what are our criteria?

A fully sewn in / zipped in ground sheet is a must as far as we are concerned. I was recently given a tent these to test out that had a detached groundsheet and was regaled with a lot of bluff about what an exceptionally good deal it was at the price. I 'went with it', and although it didn't entirely spoil the weekend there was far to much time spent chasing wasps and other insects out of the inner tent - not much fun when you've taken a one year old with you camping. They had got in because the groundsheet was not attached. A more recent development is the zipped groundsheet where the zip is at a level so as not to let water in, but it has the advantage of being detachable and therefore easier to clean.

Robust stitching and zips are very important, theses are not 'luxuries' per se, however, if a tent doesn't have them they don't make our list. This is why in general we stick to manufacturers like Vango Tents, and Outwell Tents who have built their reputation by designing and manufacturing high quality tents, and would not dare risk their reputation by selling tents with feeble stitching and zips. The tent mentioned above that had the detached ground sheet also had other flaws, one being a broken zip after two days, the other being a ripped guy rope seam. (I haven't named the manufacturer or model for fear of litigation, but rest assured none of the manufacturer's models are advertised on this website!).

Good ventilation is another important factor. Ventilation should be both highly evident, and preferably optional.

High hydrostatic head is important for ensuring that when it rains you don't get wet. Some cheaper tents come with laughable protection from the rain, and the tent pegs supplied simply don't do the job.

Size matters as far as we are concerned with camping. Camping is a great way to spend your free time, be it weekends, or a full blown month in the summer. However, although we do start with luxury 4 man tents this is because some of them are big tents, and of a very high quality and highly suitable for four persons, or a couple seeking luxury camping without having to drag a mammoth camping bag with them. Some of the 6 man tents on offer are very big and although we have a couple of luxury 8 man tents you may not need to go that step further.

If you think we are missing something here, please let us know.

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